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I first fell in love with the real estate career right out of high school back home in Maryland. I decided given the time to go to college and received my associates degree in Legal Studies and I also learned American Sign Language as well so I can assist the deaf community in their home search. After graduation, I was able to join the Florida Bar as a Florida Bar Registered Paralegal. Through my career in law, I focused on real estate law and the ins and outs of working to resolve title issues to handling foreclosures. I also do have Bankruptcy and other civil litigation related to real estate. During my studies for my real estate license, I have become a Certified Financing Specialist (CFS), Certified Senior Specialist (CSS) and Certified Property Management Specialist (CPMS) through special training with my real estate school. I have also received my Military Relocation Professional Certification through the National Association of Realtors which has trained me to be an advocate and professional to help all of our active duty and veterans who are relocating to and from Florida.

As a Certified Financing Specialist, I am trained to help direct my clients in ways to plan for the costs associated with home ownership as well provide helpful tools for them to evaluate a client’s current finances, and help provide direction to assist all clients in reaching the goal of purchasing a home, even if it is their first, eighth home or their gorgeous retirement dream home. In addition to this training and through the past 8 years of working with different lenders, I have put together a group of outstanding lenders to provide even further assistance and in depth reviews of potential clients’ credit and finances to help guide them to owning their home.

Being a Certified Senior Specialist means that I have been trained and educated about the specific needs for our Senior Citizens and how to best provide them the assistance needed when it comes to buying a home as one matures in our society. This information includes the different types of mortgages available to different types of financial setup to ensure the affairs of a senior clientele are met but provide them a safe place to enjoy their golden years with all their loved ones.

Working as a Certified Property Management Specialist means that, in the event a client is looking to use a property as income and are looking for someone to manage their property, I have been trained to assist them in the management of the property. Management of a property is a something that is of utmost concern as central Florida has many vacation properties for those who love Disney and want to have a place to come in the winter saving on hotel costs. With this training, I can assist a client considering this aspect of home ownership find and retain regular all year rental income or provide an avenue for them to rent the home out as a vacation rental, all with the support of Jay Alan Real Estate. I look forward to using my 10 years in real estate helping as many people to find the home that they dream of here in the Sunshine State no matter where in the world they may be. My goal is to see the face of happiness and joy on my clients faces when they get the keys to their new home.

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