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Very Dependable Realtor - He was with me every step on the way from referring me to a lender, house shopping, inspection, closing and everything in between.

He worked tirelessly to make sure everything went smoothly for me. I am forever grateful for his dedication. I highly recommend David to anyone who is looking to purchase or sell their home. Verified by RateMyAgent

Cheryl Rhaburn

He was extremely helpful!

Edward Schadl

David was great at the closing.

David spent the entire day making sure that his clients were taken care even though the mortgage got messed up. David and his clients showed up at 2 PM and had to wait until after 9 PM to close. Most agents would have left the clients while the were waiting to close but David went above and beyond. Finally David could have been complacent and loud (and deserved to be so) but instead he was able to keep his clients calm. It was a pleasure to see an agent that cared so much about his clients. I have been in the title business for almost 20 years and he was one of the best agents.

Robert Dutcher

"We couldn't ask for a better realtor.

While I was still in Afghanistan and we were at least a year out from purchasing a house, David Brown helped us along the way with advice and suggestions. And even though David is located in Winter Park, he was happy to be our agent in St. Cloud, about an hour away."

Ret. Army Sgt. Lemuel "Cody" Russ & Caitlin Russ

My Realtor David Brown was always texting me back when I had anything to ask.

I was only given $100, Anyone knows you can't find a home on a beach for under $100,000 but David Brown found me one for actually $89,000 on Daytona Beach. When I saw the place I knew it needed to have the bathtub fixed because it was moldy but the lawyers handling my Trust money said they'd fix it. David Brown hired a home inspection and discovered that the place also needed an Electrician to change the electric panel. Plus he hired a Plumber that Im waiting for both of them to come now. With only $100,000 to buy a place you don't expect much but David. Brown has always been only a text away at all hours of the day and night. This happened during the Chinese Covid-19 pandemic where nobody was open I might add. The lawyers handling the Trust were RARELY AVAILABLE and lied thru their teeth. It's refreshing to find someone who follows the "Golden Rule" and is available 7/24 which isn't happening utilizing other Realtors. They just ignore you when you tell them you've got only $100,000 to buy a home with and just ignore you. You'll be pleased beyond comparison with David Brown. Verified by RateMyAgent

David Silva

We moved to FL couple of months ago and as a new transplants, we were not familiar with the local real estate market, locations etc.

We never knew what to expect and what is right or wrong as a first-time home buyers. Basically, we were brand new fish in a huge aquarium named "Florida’s growing real estate market" and we could not be more confused. David helped us every step of the way in this process… from just driving around and showing us the different locations/neighborhoods and areas even before showing us any houses, to adjusting and meeting our goals and financial abilities. David made sure we get what we want, where we want, when we want and without overstepping our financial limits while maintaining our existing life style. Many times I hear about agents who try to “push” towards the more expensive option or to a certain transaction that might be more beneficial to the agent…after all its business. This was not the case here! David kept repeating the same “Mantra” over and over again - "My only concern is for you to find your best home without overstepping your budget and comfort zones, DO NOT worry about me”. We end up finding our new home relatively quickly because after long talks David took us to see homes that were our exact match…all we had to do is just decide what we like more. If all this was not enough, the home we chose was a very quick sell with the seller condition to close within 14 days with Thanks Giving in the middle…Holiday or not, David led us by hand every day! Even in Thanksgiving evening when we suddenly had to sign some documents of an urgent matter. David’s Experience and background in the legal field allowed us to consult him with questions and terms that ordinary person just does not understand and most of us buyers just swim in this unknown mess of bureaucracy. Our closing process was extremely long due to the unusual quick sale that we fell into, to make things short - David accompanied us for over 9 hour of wait at the title company offices just to make sure that things been done the right way and our best interests are protected. Every time we had a problem, a bump that we had to overcome during this process - David fought for us time after time, representing us as if we were the most important customer … it wasn’t even a feel of Client-realtor….it felt as there is an extremely strong power that makes sure daily, you are well taken care of. Today we are past the closing and our new home is our!!!!!! :)) We are finally home owners!!! (Honestly still having hard time to wrap our minds around it), Everyone got what they were after at the end of the day- the seller has the money, we have our new home and David probably was rightfully earned commission. Sounds like a perfect end of a real-estate transaction, right? Maybe it is, but it's not done yet. The home we purchased is a new build and even after the keys in our hands and all done, for obvious reasons there are still things to be fixed and done - the day after the closing David is still here fighting for us, providing consultation and advice because after all as David always said - It’s not about me… Your Happiness and interests are all that matter!!!! In days and era when good customer service is a hard to find… David Brown takes the Real-Estate to a completely different level of what “good customer service” is. It is an extremely rare thing to find and I don’t have enough words to describe how thankful we are for all this journey that we were lucky enough to be led through by David Brown. Thank you David for an outstanding experience and for making our dream come true with becoming a really happy home owners!!!

Alexander P.
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"We moved to FL couple of months ago and as a new transplants, we were not familiar with the local real estate market, locations etc.
We never knew what to expect and what is rite or wrong as a first ... more "
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